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OK Boomer, but #NotAllKarens

Elizabeth gets into the labels and epithets assigned by the internet, and where the mainstream media gets them wrong. Karen just feels very attacked.

Things that disappear: Horror in the Information Age

Elizabeth and Jon introduce their mom to the world of Lost Media, reveal their desire to keep everything forever, and unspool two of their favourite mysteries.

Memes, praxis, the raid and the strike

Elizabeth takes Karen on a journey from Area 51 to the climate strike, and considers the role memes and social media play in mobilization. Do a good praxis, everyone.

Have I got a deal for you?

Elizabeth gets mad and Karen gets madder about an insidious new way for shady companies to recruit teens to sell stuff for them.

Me and the boy talk memes

Jon slides into Elizabeth’s chair to enlighten Karen about recent memes and accuse her of being a Boomer (the nerve!). Creative or cringe? You be the judge.

Can CanCon continue?

Karen grew up in the golden age of CanCon. But Elizabeth’s generation prefers Spotify and YouTube to radio and TV. So are Canadian content rules even a thing anymore? And should they be?

Marketing by meme — could it be a thing?

How do you sell to young people in the age of adblock? Forget snapbacks on Twitter, avoid drama-prone influencers, and beware the double-edged sword of #woke-ness. Elizabeth suggests where you might want to head instead.

That’s a Thing?! Live: The Internet is my GSA

Recorded live at the SkirtsAfire Festival, Elizabeth explains how she has felt more comfortable exploring her queerness online rather than in person (though we’re happy those in-real-life places exist). Then we discuss such issues with our eloquent guests.

The Holy Trinity of YouTube Gaming

Elizabeth discusses Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie, the Father, Son and Unholy Spirit of Let’s Play videos. What accounts for their popularity? What can and should they do with their influence? And why is Karen so goth in this episode?

TikTok: Performance art or stranger danger? Yes.

Elizabeth explains TikTok, the wildly popular app that used to be, inherited Vine’s place on the internet, and could lead your kids towards extreme creativity or utter toxicity, or both! Plus, Jon returns with a look at the memes of 2018.

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