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Well, that was a thing

At the ripe old age of 20, Elizabeth is now too geriatric for this show. So here is our finale, in which Karen reviews some of the lessons she’s learned from doing this podcast, and Elizabeth corrects her, as always.


What do we do about “bad” art? Argue about it on Twitter, mostly. This episode, Elizabeth and Karen step into a space of nuance in an attempt to understand shipping wars, extreme fandom behaviour, and the value of uncomfortable art.

New ways to own and be owned

Elizabeth sows some FUD about making money with Roblox, Wattpad, and OpenSea. Welcome to post-scarcity economics, kids.


Elizabeth takes Karen on a journey through fast fashion, influencer capitalism and the single-wear nightmare.

Poltergeist schmoltergeist

What if TV but too much? This and many other important questions are kinda-sorta-almost answered on the scarier side of the Summer of Spielberg. Elizabeth and Karen puzzle their way through Poltergeist in this 100% not-haunted Halloween episode.

Bury me in analog

Can a podcast be haunted? No, that’s very silly and wouldn’t be scary at all. A cassette tape, on the other hand… Elizabeth and Karen dial in to the world of analog horror, what it is, what it could be, and why going low-tech ups the scare factor.

POV: You're listening to a podcast

While the olds weren’t looking, the youngs invented yet another art form on TikTok and its copycats. What's more, it will probably have mutated again by the time you get to the end of this episode.

Watch out! Beware! Buy this!

Are you in danger? How much danger? How much are you willing to pay to be in less danger, and who’s cashing those cheques? Elizabeth and Karen tumble down the safety capitalism rabbit hole.

(Bo)nus episode: Inside

Have you watched Bo Burnham: Inside? Do you enjoy listening to passionate people talking about the art they enjoy? Do you have a high endurance for unjustifiably long podcast episodes? Then this bonus episode is for you! If this isn’t your thing then have no fear, a regular episode of That’s a Thing will be out soon.

Do you read me?

Elizabeth and Karen go on a powerful and superficial quest for self-understanding. On the way they find witchcraft, pseudoscience, and maybe even themselves. We’ve consulted the stars and they say you’re in for a wonderful podcast experience. The stars are never wrong. ;)

The cake is a lie

The internet contains untrue things. Elizabeth explores how tributes to a beloved children’s author got hijacked by accident, and how kid-friendly cooking videos are not always what they seem.

Yahoo Answers — super bad and sorely missed

We bid farewell to a piece of internet history, and (lovingly) rip off the McElroys in the bargain.

Don't play me like that

Do you have games on your phone? Elizabeth does, and in this episode, she’ll share some tips and tricks for navigating the hit-and-miss abyss that is the Apple App Store. But first, some words from our beloved editor and gamer extraordinaire, Jon.

We love you (but not like that)

In this feature-length epic, Elizabeth and Karen dive deep into the puzzle of parasocial relationships. How bad can they really be? How do we fix them? And most importantly, won’t somebody think of the children?!

Mysteries of the modern age

Is a Disney kid’s hit the work of TikTok astroturfing? PogChamp is canceled — should we feel bad? If Dream doped his e-sports, what’s left to believe in? Elizabeth interprets for Karen.

TikTok bops and the transformation of pop

Our first episode on TikTok discussed the app as a cultural phenomenon, but what about *art*? We look at how music has shaped TikTok and how the app has come to rule the charts. Also, Elizabeth progresses her redemption arc.

New life for Clone High, fake life for VTubers

Elizabeth explains the strange resurrection of an early-2000s cartoon, and then introduces Karen to the ever-uncannier world of manufactured entertainers. She totally wrecked her YouTube history for this, so enjoy!

Who's the impostor here?

Elizabeth and Karen find creepypasta galore at the Halloween store, then explore the growing cultural relevance of Among Us.

Nostalgia, for kids!

Elizabeth takes us back to the good(?) old(?) days to examine the internet artifacts of her youth, and gauge how cringe-y they are now. Jon returns with his customary snark and a dramatic reading of archival Tumblr.

Is stealing wrong? (Or, The internet, Part 2)

In this conclusion of a two-part series, Elizabeth explains how and why her generation makes desire paths around and between the walled gardens of the internet, and Karen marvels at the orality of an apparently literate form.

Why is the internet like this?

Karen just wanted to know why Elizabeth reads Tumblr on Instagram, and it turned into a two-part episode on how the web evolved from a nerdy, interconnected blogosphere to the semi-siloed mishmash we have today. This is Part 1.

But make it fashion

The moon is hexed, the witches are vexed and scene kids keep typing in L337 text. So, what’s up with that? We dive into the complex and often overlapping realms of fashion and subculture.

An exit interview with the grads

Karen quizzes Elizabeth and Jon about the end of their high school and junior high years, as the strangest school year ever comes to a close. Also, Elizabeth’s Pride Month recommendations.

Four 'quick bites' on modern media

Elizabeth has thoughts on Quibi, Some Good News, responsible ways to share bad but important news, and why gifs now mark you as a n00b. Karen chimes in where possible.

What’s so funny anyway?

Elizabeth and Karen compare and contrast the nature of comedy for their respective generations, and crack each other up a fair amount along the way.

QuaranTEEN tips

Elizabeth offers insight into the teenage mindset during a pandemic, and provides Karen with some much-needed diversion as we do our duty and stay home.

Broadway babies, Act 1

As threatened in the previous episode, we look at what fuels current teenage fandoms for musical theatre and compare it to older experiences, with the help of Kyle Marshall of Putting It Together. Also, we won an award!

A musical interlude

Exams ate Elizabeth’s time, so we’re sharing our recent appearance on Putting It Together, Kyle Marshall’s great podcast about the music of Stephen Sondheim. Consider this a prelude...

Trailer: That's a Thing?!

Here's what you can expect from our sometimes belated, already outdated guide to your teens, tweens and everything under 20.

Unraveling YouTube Rewind

Having allowed YouTube to raise her children, Karen now turns to Elizabeth to explain it all to her, through the lens (eventually) of the annual Rewind video.

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